DTF ONE L1800 A3+ Drucker

DTF ONE A3 Printer

⁃ based on Epson L1800
⁃ Ink Circulation System
⁃ Ink Stirring Unit
⁃ Media Absorption
⁃ Bulk Ink System
⁃ Including replacement Dampers and USB Cable
⁃ Best Seller
⁃ build for DTF

This DTF Printer is a classic ONE. It is the most common entry level DTF Printer. With its white ink circulation system an inside tank stirring unit it prevents your printhead from clogging .

- A3 site takes about 8 min to print (1440 x 720dpi )
- CMYK and White is printed inline in one pass
- Best printing results with DTF ONE Inks, Film and Powder
- Installation Video, Handbook, After Sale Support and Service
- 2 Years Warranty except printhead and ink system parts
- works with all common RIP Software like CadLink, AcroRip etc

1.800,00 € 1800.0 EUR 1.800,00 €

1.800,00 €

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