What is DTF Printing?
DTF is as straightforward in its workings as its name suggests: Print on a film, powder, dry and then transfer straight to substrate. The ability to use almost any fabric makes this method suitable for a broader range of people. The DTF printing process can transform almost any fibre, silk, cotton, or polyester, leather, wood etc. The possibilties of your creativity are almost limitless.
Does DTF printing necessitate a great deal of printer upkeep?
DTF printing demands similar upkeep as DTG printing. Just less frequently. It is easier to remove clogs with DTF ink because the ink does not clog up as much. A daily cleaning is still required for DTF printers. Our RIP (Raster Image Processor) Software provides this feature. Also our printers have automatic cleaning functions. It is the best way to keep your printer in good working condition.
What is the washability of DTF?
If you use our powder and pursue proper application procedures, washability should be perfect. Washfastness is comparable to a screenprint transfer and much higher compared to DTG, White Toner or vinyl foils. 40C-60C is the ideal temperature for washing.
Why should I be concerned if I'm not using my DTF printer for an extended period?
Like a regular printer, it will eventually become clogged. The printhead should be cleaned and left to soak in cleaning liquid for a few days to weeks if you plan to keep your printer off.
Why are DTF printers so popular?
For starters, the DTF printers can print T-shirts of the equivalent quality as those produced by sublimation printers, and it can also do tasks that sublimation printers cannot. Printed lycra, polyester, and cotton are all acceptable alternatives to the prohibited materials. Furthermore, there are no colour constraints. With either a dark or a light fabric, you can achieve a refined and exquisite colour. DTF printers have therefore eliminated all limitations imposed by traditional printing methods.
With DTF printers, you can save a lot of money and time on printing. Using it can bring in big money for your company. The texture industry is expected to see significant growth in the use of DTF printers in the coming years. DTF printing technology, according to its suppliers, will be adopted by an increasing number of businesses due to the numerous advantages it offers. If you are the owner of a textile or T-shirt manufacturing company, the DTF printer is a viable option.
Is there software included with the DTF Printer?
The software comes with a USB key that can run the programme. A link to the software will be provided for users to access it. The USB key and software could be purchased from us even if you bought a DTF printer from another company.

Is there a service plan for DTF printers available?

Yes, we offer phone, email and live chat support for customers who prefer to contact us. We have the best customer service in the business. We're here to help with everything from repairs to installation.
What is the best way for me to make a payment?
Payments can be made in wire transfer. We accept credit cards as well. PayPal serves as our secure payment gateway for all of our online transactions.
What kind of products do you sell?
Many different DTF printers and supplies are available from us. DTF Printers, DTF Inks, DTF Film, Powder, and Software make up our product line. Having trouble finding it on our site? Get in touch with us now!
What are my options for locating the products I'm seeking?
We've done everything we can to make it as simple as possible for you to locate the perfect item. Please take a look at our entire product line. These products are arranged according to their popularity. Finally, your account dashboard allows you to select items and place an order right away.