DTF ONE A60 PRO Printer incl. Dryer & Shaker

- Industrial DTF Printer
- 2x Epson i3200 A1 Printheads
- Amazing Speed (10 square meters per hour)
- White Ink Circulation and Stirring System
- Media Preheating
- Bulk Ink System
- CE Certificaton
- Automatic cleanings
- Including DTF ONE A60 Shaker/Dryer Machine
- 2 Years Warranty
- Spare Parts included

This DTF Printer is the best DTF Printer on the market. With its industrial E i3200 A1 printheads you have the best quality DTF equipment available. In its third generation the printer runs stable, easy to use, maintenance and service. We offer online installation, on site install and we can teach you how to service and maintenance the printer by yourself. With the attached DTF ONE A60 Shaker machine best results are guaranteed.

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24'000.00 €

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